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Date             Lesson           Theme Useful Resources
12 Oct Rhythm Styles & Strumming Patterns Country Songs  
26 Oct Basic Maintenance & Successful Stringing Song by your favourite artist  
9 Nov                                              Electric Night
23 Nov Open/Alternate Tunings Demonstrating an alternate tuning song Open Tunings
30 Nov                                  Rehearsal night for Xmas concert
4 Dec                 "Bring & Sing" Christmas concert at St Chad's in Rubery
4 Jan                                               Cancelled
18 Jan World Famous Quiz - hosted by Tony and Jo Hathaway
1 Feb An introduction to scales Pt1 Blues songs  
15 Feb An introduction to scales Pt2 Singer/songwriters  
1 Mar Finger Picking - Andrew Hay Acoustic only  
15 Mar Tone & Inflection/ Playing lead guitar - Mick Purchase Songs about travel  
29 Mar  Improvising - Roger Finch 2/3 Part Harmony songs  
12 Apr                                              Electric Night
26 Apr Bass Theory - John Dunstall & Phil Beasley Jazz/Swing songs  
10 May                                    Rehearsal for Summer Concert
17 May                                    Rehearsal for Summer Concert
21 May Summer Concert at Hawthorns Social Club
24 May Songwriting - David Schwan/John Dunstall Perform your own song  Songwriting Tips
7 Jun Vocals/Harmonising - David & Becky Shwan Songs with a colour in the title  
21 Jun Open Mic Night    

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