Date Lesson Theme
4th Sept Survey & Feedback Questionnaire
18th Sept MS Trust visit in respect of guitar club Summer Charity event  Songs from the 70s
2nd Oct Band Night Folk Rock
16th Oct Band Night Songs from the 60s
30th Oct Strumming Patterns - Guest Speaker, Anthony Brownhill Country Songs - Duo's & Trio's
13th Nov Christmas Concert Rehearsal 
20th Nov Christmas Concert Rehearsal  
27th Nov Christmas Concert Rehearsal  
1st Dec
Annual Christmas Concert - Rubery Memorial Club
4th Dec Christmas Bring & Sing  
8th Jan 2020
Quiz Night
22nd Jan Jazz Lesson - Guest Speaker TBC Blues Songs
5th Feb An evening of Jazz
19th Feb Band Night Classic Rock
4th Mar Lucky Dip evening
18th Mar Alternate Tunings - Guest Speaker, Danny Villareal Alternate tuning songs
1st Apr Band Night Rock N Roll songs
15th Apr  Using effects pedals - Guest Speaker TBC Status Quo songs
29th Apr Lucky Dip
13th May Summer Concert Rehearsal 
20th May Summer Concert Rehearsal  
27th May Summer Concert Rehearsal 
14th Jun Summer Concert - TBC
17th Jun Summer Bring & Sing